Pan Americana

Once I hitchhiked all the way from Quito, Ecuador to New York. My companions on this journey were a shakey little kitty and a Blue haired guy named Dex. Sadly I don’t have and photos from the journey, but here is a few pics of crazy Dex (post blue hair) so you know what I was up against. You can read more about Dex in the Amazon section. He drives me nuts sometimes, but I love him and he is certainly good for material! (Be warned, this story is long!)

It took one hundred and one rides to reach New York from Ecuador, to go from the literal “center of the world” to the figurative one.

It was a journey that had been preceded by one hundred and one warnings of the dangers that awaited us.  We set off from Quito laden with tales of the thieves and rapists and murders who prowled the Pan-Americana in search of gringo victims. We were told ad nauseam about how setting foot in Colombia was a death wish, that the guerillas were chomping at the bit to kidnap us.  We were advised to say goodbye to our loved ones because we were sure to perish.  “Fools” was surely what all these well-intentioned spoilers thought as we politely ignored their advice and decided to proceed anyway.  I play the optimistic idiot quite well.

Now I can’t help thinking that we would have been much bigger fools if we had listened to all the warnings. I much prefer to be naïve than paranoid.

Si Se Puede!
Mambo Colombiano
Angels In Our Pockets
The Darien Gap! Oh My!
Pero Que Rica!……Costa Rica!
Viva Mexico Cabrones!!
America the Beautiful!
New York! New York!
Miguel’s White Horse
And Finally…..