Calico In The Summer

The gardens are finally filling in! And we got that awesome new tent which fits in perfectly.

Bus and Flowers

I love how it feels like the flowers are taking over.

Months ago I started this blog and I was like, “I am gonna write all the time!” and then I wrote about five posts and retreated back into my comfy hermit-esque state. Whoopsy. Ok, so, maybe being a prolific blogger was not as effortless an endeavor as I first thought. I have all sorts of great topics in my head, but somewhere between the doing and the writing, I get whisked right up in the next thing, and life tumbles ever forward before the notions get captured on the page

Dance Party

This sunset was so crazy that we had to have a bus top dance party.

I guess being a writer takes discipline. Go figure… I am so deeply acquainted with the extraordinary amount of discipline it takes to be an artist for a living, but somehow I overlooked the fact that adding a writer feather in my cap would require even MORE discipline. I thought I could just add it to the chaos without missing a beat. I thought I had this discipline thing down pat.


A new view of Calico after all the recent excavation

Oh well.

So, a few stories will be left untold.

And now summer is half way over (or half way begun, if you are an optimist). Last month was spirit-breakingly HOT. I work in my attic, which has small windows and no air conditioning. The heat made me into sort of a zombie. Though I was able to pull together a respectable collection of sweaters, I was left sort of gasping for air. So, I think that for the first time in 4 years I am gonna sit out a month on the sweater front. It terrifies me to say that! But yeah, for August, I am not going to be hunched over my serger making coats. My next big collection of sweaters won’t be until September. In the meantime I am gonna straighten out my back and look around me at this beautiful life that all these sweaters have afforded me.

This is one of our new favorite swimming holes down the road. I have gotten a little swimming hole crazy this summer.

This summer has been so full of breathtaking bike rides and swimming holes and friendly visits and shooting stars. I am slowly loosening the grasp on this sense of obligation I have to continually sew, and shaking out my wings a bit. We have been doing so much work around the house. It makes me feel so happy when people come to visit and I can show them all the changes.


I clearly have no idea what I am doing. I just make vroom vroom noises.


This is the bombadeer. It’s like a little tank that we can tear through the woods on. Who knew that driving through mud was so fun.

Choked Pond

This is how choked up our whole pond was. Kind of depressing!


It has taken days of excavating to finally see the pond emerge.

One of the biggest projects has been the excavation of our pond. Our endearing little pond was so muddy and choked up with invasive plants that you could barely see it. For the past few weeks there have been folks here with big machines and strong backs, pulling roots out of the mud. We thought we might end up with a functioning swimming hole at the end of it…but it turns out that our pond is just kind of murky and gross. That doesn’t stop up from riding our inflatable swans out under the sunset though. Has anyone else had any luck excavating ponds? Any tips?


Here is the “before” shot of the pond. I know, where is the pond? you can’t even see it!


Et Voila! A pond! It is still kinda murky and blah…but soon it will come back to life.


As I type this, through my window I can see two guys with a pickup truck full of ditch lilies. They are gonna plant 5000 tiger lilies along the edge of the pond.


Allium, my dear allium. I love you so!

I can’t wait for next June with all the smiling orange flowers burst into bloom. Maybe in the fall I will tuck some allium between the lillies. I love how the purple and orange look together.

In three weeks my dear dear dear friend Kevin will be marrying his sweetheart Mark. Our rainbow house is going to be the campground and site of midnight forest dance parties and lazy Sunday brunch. There might be 200 people here at my house! SO, these next few days I will be marching forward like a good little soldier, trying to whip everything in to shape. There is so much to do, like walk over to the edge of the mud slick every day and beg the little grass to grow faster. It is all gonna look so pretty.


Look how cute Kevin and Mark are on the little swans. *Aw!*

Since I have given myself permission not to sew, my inner workaholic needs to fill that void with some other discipline. I thought it might be neat if I try a little harder to write more often. There really are a lot of fun, cool, things going on all around here, and I would love to have the peace of mind to share them. Maybe I will try that. Maybe you will be hearing more from me this week! Or maybe I will just be floating on my swan spacing out and chastising myself for being such a crappy blogger.