BeforeLast night there was a loud crash. We ran downstairs to find that our funky new mantle apparently wasn’t beefy enough to support my ridiculous head collection.  Oof!






Oh Genghis, what did you ever do to deserve this?

There is something rather strange about seeing all these icons of masculinity smashed to bits. Poor Genghis Khan lost half his skull. Abe Lincoln (or as I have come to think of him, Daniel Day Lewis) is now shoulderless. The conquistadors have been given their just desserts, and my beloved Matador will never again melt the hearts of women with his fiery glare.


Jesus, is that you?

And Jesus, you couldn’t even find Jesus, he was so smashed to bits, paying for our carpentry sins. Saddest of all was seeing my one and only Trophy, the Coney Island golden Mermaid, broken in three.

I must admit it was a rather surreal and funny mess.


Filet O Mermaid

I am sad to lose these things I have been collecting for 20 years(!)  On the other hand I am like, Cool. Out with the old, in with the new. (That settles it. Vintage ceramic Cock-a-too collection, here we go!!) It is a relief to feel liberated from objects, to clear a space.


I will miss my sweet Matador, but it is also quite pleasing how little I care.


Matador te estan matando!

Shortly after the big crash we were distracted by our little dog being cute. Like really, extra, super cute. We were soon reduced to a puddle of giggles, and I thought to myself, This, THIS, This is what REALLY matters. Right?


See what I mean? Adorable!